2 Jan

After 4 months on the road, I’ll be home in exactly 24 hours! Looking forward to catching up with friends, getting my favorite breakfast danish, brewing my coffee, cooking my steak, catching up on TV series and even suiting up. It’s been an amazing experience, interesting places, boring places, fun driving, generally good people, memorable moments, food. Actually it feels like ages ago when I first started in Queenstown, snowboarding in Wanaka, Fiji and then Australia. It would be nice to get back into boring routines for a couple of days. Yes, I need a break from my break. #truestory

In my 10 weeks in Australia, I’ve covered ~11,500kms and consumed ~800l of petrol. I always think of Australia as a place I’ll come and retire in my older days and I think it’s a good call. People are unpretentious here, very courteous, it’s relatively safe, there’s space and the food quality is good. What else do you need if you can get a house near the beach with gigabit internet access, 4K projector, garage for workshop, a decent car. GST sucks though, and electronics are priced ridiculously here. Also, they still have Video Eazy here, can you believe that?

I have been spending the last 2 weeks of the trip with my parents. We started from Adelaide and made our way to Sydney through the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and Canberra. This is my second chance at the Great Ocean Road and we were rewarded with perfect weather.


Nothing to write home really. A couple of days walking around Rundle Mall area, Chinatown and the old buildings around. Glenelg was quite nice. Stopped-by a night in Mount Gambier on the way to Great Ocean Road.

Glenelg, Adelaide

Glenelg, Adelaide

Blue Lake, Mt Gambier


Great weather, blue sky. Less stops than the last time I did it (I forgot to go to Teddy’s Lookout). We also get on the helicopter around the Twelve Apostles.

The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Port Campbell


Spent about 6 days here. I can see why people like Melbourne. I do too. It’s easy to get around town, nice beaches in St Kilda, Mornington Peninsula, and proximity to the likes of Torquay. We got clear blue sky most of the time though weather can swing quite a lot day to day. Overall, very pleasant stay.

Bourke Street, Melbourne

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Lego Christmas Tree, Melboune

Central Melbourne

St Kilda, Melbourne

Southbank, Melbourne

Southbank, Melbourne

Southbank, Melbourne


A quick stop in Canberra on our way to Sydney. Actually pretty cool city and quite big.

Parliament House, Canberra

Acton Park, Canberra


The idea is to finish the trip in Sydney around new year. Sydney is the first major city to cross each day and it hosts big new year celebration each year. The fireworks supposedly fantastic. The problem is, it’s so popular, getting accommodation is quite tricky. I finally found an apartment in Surry Hills via airbnb which is not bad, but definitely with new year surcharge! Also managed to get on a cruise for the new year, which is a nice way to conclude the trip and I think my parents did enjoy it too.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Last Sunset of 2015

Last Sunset of 2015

Circular Quay, Sydney

New Year's Eve Fireworks, Sydney

New Year's Eve Fireworks, Sydney

New Year's Eve Firework, Sydney Harbour Bridge

New Year's Eve Fireworks, Sydney

Sydney Harbour at Night

More to come in 2016. For now, it’s going home and chill.


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