10 Oct

My first and hopefully last time as a victim of a car burglary.

The day started wonderfully. I plan to do almost nothing and just chill in Rotorua. I didn’t even get out of the door until 11am. I had the entire day planned in my head, starting withrolling down the hill in zorb at OGO (so much fun!) then light lunch at one of the park, before soaking in hot pool at the popular Polynesian Spa, a massage and facial, luge at Rotorua Skyline and closing the day with a ribs dinner and watching America spending money bringing back Matt Damon in the Martian (good observation internet).

Then it happened at Polynesian Spa. It was 3pm in the afternoon when I finished the hot pools, got 2 scoops of ice cream and walk to my car to find the front passenger seat window smashed. Initially I thought they only took my Z3 phone until I realised my camera is gone!

Anyway, I think I’m lucky because it could have been worse. They could have taken my backpack with all my passport, licences, cash and cards and that would be a massive massive headache to deal with. At least I got insurance coverage (in fact I have 2 effective travel insurance!). All I like to think about this is they did me a favor since I’ve always wanted to replace my Olympus OM-D EM-1 (yes I’m getting the same one) with the silver version and my Z3 been giving me a lot of issues.

Lesson learned that we have to remain alert everywhere. New Zealand so far been very safe, but there’s always bad people around. I am usually careful that I never leave anything visible from outside and always cover them with my jacket. Today I didn’t. I was complacent. Lesson learned, I’m paying the price. Travel goes on.

Stay tuned from some write-ups from rafting in the Rangitikei River, tubing in Waitomo and Maori cultural experience in Rotorua.

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