21 Sep

It came spontaneously. In the morning when I checked in for skydive, the desk next to it was Alpine Heliski and I was intrigued. I did plan for heli-boarding in Mt Cook, which is said to be the best in NZ, but issue with rental gears kinda kill the idea. Initially a golf game was planned for my last day in Queenstown, but hey you can play golf pretty much everywhere but this one I gotta try.

So off I go, with 5 runs booked and a nice set of boards rented. We’ve had great weather around Queenstown for the past 2 days, and today is no different. Clear blue sky. We have a small group of 4 plus a guide.

The chopper ride was cool as always, and you can see the vastness of the snowy mountains. Untouched. It was great fun, though I’m so not used to riding in powders, and we have like 30-40cm of fresh powders everywhere! It was a struggle for me, though when I got the rhythm, it’s amazing on the slopes that are as wide as 300-400m and as long 5-8km.

Heli Boarding, Queenstown

Top of the World

Snowy Mountains, Queenstown 
It’s my last day in Queenstown, been here for 4 nights plus 1 night out in Glenorchy. Here are some highlights:

Jack’s Point Golf

It’s a fantastic golf course, with the view of the Remarkables, lovely.

Tee Off with Landing Plane, Jack's Point, Queenstown

Hole 14, Jack's Point, Queenstown

Hole 18, Jack's Point, Queenstown


A short gondola ride up takes you to the station above, where there’s a viewpoint, restaurants, bar. The restaurant apparently has great seafood buffet but I didn’t get to try. The highlight for me is definitely the Luge where you ride on this engine-less gokart-like gravity-operated thing down the hill and you can go really fast. Exhilarating.

Queenstown View from Gondola

Queenstown at Night


I don’t really like it, not just because it was raining and so damn cold, but I think it’s not interesting. We’re basically paddling a bigger version of the banana boat, and there’s really not much to see! Perhaps it’s better in summer. Took some pictures, but really nothing to write about.


This one actually pretty cool. The boat gets sooooo close to the rocks and man, those rocks are big! Too bad it’s too difficult to get gopro on. I think it’s worth going if you’re in Queenstown.


My Lord of the Rings tour was canceled, so I drove around as far as Kinloch Lodge and halfway to Paradise. The sceneries were breathtaking, after all, these are the places where they filmed some of the scenes from The Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Vertical Limit. I stayed a night in Peaks B&B near Glenorchy and it was awesome. Kelly and Geoff are good hosts, the room is very comfortable, warm and with a great view!

Met an ex-colleague in Kinloch Lodge which was amazing considering how remote Kinloch Lodge is! What a small world. Got a number of tips since she’s also driving around New Zealand and is 4 weeks ahead of me.

Here’s a collection of photos from the drivearound.

Road to Glenorchy

Road to Paradise, Glenorchy

Kinloch Lodge

Road to Queenstown, Glenorchy

Road to Paradise, Glenorchy

Road to Paradise, Glenorchy

Road to Queenstown, Glenorchy

Arthur's Point, Queenstown

Coronet Peak Road, Queenstown

Queenstown Waterfront

Queenstown Waterfront at Dusk

Milford Sound next!


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