20 Sep

I booked a jump with Skydive Paradise about 2 months ago for a jump yesterday. I have some serious fear of height, that a ride on the Singapore Flyer really freaked me out once, or a walk around the top of Eiffel.

For whatever reason, I always thought skydiving is not as scary as say, bungy jumping, and it’s kinda stick in my head. Nevertheless, closer to the date, I started to feel the pressure mounting! When my initial jump schedule was canceled due to weather, there’s a bit of relieved feeling, but I thought I should give it another chance, and if weather permit, I should do it.

I jumped. Sunday, 20 September 2015 is the day. Perfect weather around Glenorchy, blue sky, almost no cloud. You’ll see the gorgeous landscape around. I was generally calm for some reason. Took the 15,000ft one, so it’s quite high and when the plane passed through 10,000ft, I can feel the thinner air. But that’s pretty much all the anxiety, after that, all good. It took me about 3-5 seconds to gain composure and after that, it’s all of these awesome feelings of being so high up. The vertical freefalling was about 60 seconds before the parachute is opened. Aside from wind pressuring my face and the helmet line choking me a bit, everything else was actually not scary at all! Jump!

The guys at Skydive Paradise are professional, safe and efficient! I did my research before booking with them, and supposedly, jumping off in Glenorchy would be the best, though there’s plenty of alternatives around Queenstown.

Skydive Paradise

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