22 Nov

Been spending the last week between Sydney and Melbourne. After a weekend in Sydney, drive to Melbourne start Monday morning. There’s a bit of relieve to finally get out of a metropolitan. Driving in big city is really not enjoyable and intimidating! Anyway, a couple of photos from Sydney on a rainy day.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour

The first part of the drive is what’s known as the Grand Pacific Drive. It starts just outside of Sydney in the Royal National Park and ends in Nowra. It’s said to be one of the nicest drives in the region. Must admit I’m very disappointed. It was okay, but definitely not spectacular. The highlights would be the Sea Cliff Bridge near Wollongong and Wollongong itself is actually very pretty. But other than that, it was just ok. The view of Sea Cliff Bridge from Stanwell Tops was pretty. Was trying to get on one of those handgliding jumps but unfortunately they’re done for the day.

Bald Hill, NSW

Initially the fist stop was supposed to be Narooma or Jervis Bay. But I wanted to catch the whale cruise, which I missed in Hervey Bay, Byron Bay and other places along the drive as we have came to the end of whale season. Luckily the one in Eden still operating till the end of the week so I drove all the way to Eden on the first day, all 550km of it! We did see a couple of whales and see a flip but they were down under water most of the time and couldn’t get any good pictures (what’s with our obsession over taking photos and not actually savor the moment… I know) but Eden is quite pretty itself. Went to the killer whale museum which has fascinating stories and saw this view of the water from the balcony.

Eden Bay

The next stop was supposed to be Lakes Entrance, where I was thinking of sailing (what was I sinking???) but then as I drove I decided not to do it. By this time I’m a bit sick of water to be honest, and perhaps getting a bit bored. So I drove all the way to Port of Sale to stay overnight. There’s nothing to write about this town aside from a quite interesting main street with vintage looking shops around. Went to see the movie Bridge of Spies at the local cinema where there’s only 5 people watching including myself. I have lived in Hong Kong for about 8.5 years and I’ve been to the cinema twice! This trip alone I’ve been to cinema like 5 times!

After Port of Sale, drove through the Wilson Promontory National Park en-route to Phillip Island. Beautiful sceneries and beaches (duh!) and I even dipped into the cold water at Squeaky Beach. The waves would have been great for surfing! Initially planned to hike Mt Oberon, but who am I kidding I hate hiking so happily changed my mind.

Road to Wilson Promontory

Phillip Island was the next overnight stop. It’s famous for the penguin parade, but I skipped it because friends said it’s not that good. Plus I’ve seen penguin elsewhere anyway, saved some money. I did drive to Nobbies Point for the sunset which was not bad considering the cloudy day. The next day I went to the circuit for go-kart session (they got seriously nice go-kart) and took my first surfing lesson. Surfing is fun, I gotta do it again soon. I did manage to get up and surf on some small waves, more practice needed.

Sunset at Nobbies Point, Phillip Island

Sunset at Nobbies Point, Phillip Island

I was deciding between Sorrento or St Kilda as the next overnight stop and after scouting Sorrento I decided that I don’t quite like it. St Kilda actually not very interesting aside from Acland Street with the restaurants and cake shops. So made my way to Melbourne. Staying in North Melbourne, I decided to park my car in the hostel and walk. There’s quite a lot of things to see around downtown, lots of asian food (the malaxiangguo was a great find!), street performers, casinos (they always take your money), cafes. I must have walked about 20kms in 3 days, with the last day spent around Chapel Street area.

Southbank Melbourne

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Graffiti Lane, Melbourne

I’m going Tasmania next for a week. No plan, no routes. Will do this one as I go along. Stay tuned!


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