10 Dec

There is a significant correlation between this economic principle and real life and travel. As I enter the last quarter of my trip, I get less and less motivated to do anything. There’s more chill day, Asian food, less steak, seafood, less writing, less photo taking and editing and less walking. There’s also no driving this week as I joined a tour in the outback, exploring Uluru, Katherine and Kakadu along the way. Fatigue is kicking in!

Before this trip, the longest trip I’ve done were 5 weeks trip. I’m used to traveling solo so that’s never an issue, though, as normal human being, you feel alone and down from time to time and the stress of planning can be overwhelming sometimes. The biggest problem for me has always been my short attention span, and I think it’s getting shorter! I’m never a fan of nature hiking (in fact I hate it), don’t like arts / museum, so that takes out lots of things that travelers usually do. I haven’t even played golf at all, which is very accessible and affordable in Australia. I narrowed it down to the fact that it’s a bit monotonous here in Australia for a 10 weeks trip. A short trip to Japan in January will be a welcomed change and variation which should put me back on track.

The last 7 days took me from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road. It wasn’t the greatest time, weather wise, with strong wind, rain and those damn flies everywhere. Unfortunately, the SD card in my camera went bust, along with 3 days of photos from the Great Ocean Road between Torquay and Port Campbell. Oh well, shits happen. I will have my second chance in about a week, as I’ll be driving from Adelaide to Sydney with my parents joining me in Australia.

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road

Cape Nelson, Australia

Adelaide is actually a very nice city. Green sceneries, relatively quiet, and the weather is just nice, not too cold, not too hot. Went for a day wine tour to the Barossa Valley, walked around the city, but really you’ll need no more than a day to see downtown. I quite like Barossa Valley wines and they’re cheap too!

Adelaide Town Hall

Tscharkey's Vineyard, Barossa Valley

The drive after Port Fairy towards Adelaide is very very very boring. Barren in most places, grey, flat. Aside from Coonawarra and Robe, where I stayed a night, nothing stands out. The flip side is, it gave me lots of time to think about a lot of stuffs (this is how people becomes psychopath).

It took me a while to decide that I wanted to take a break. The thoughts of no regular income, away from people I know from extended period of time, and the fact that bonus is only 6 months away was worrying. But then the law of diminishing returns kicked in. I simply reached the point where I have zero motivation at work, didn’t care much about performance and I can see quality of work was declining. More importantly, contrary to my lifelong belief that I’m mentally unbreakable, I got real frustrated with the situation that it started to affect my life. It’s incredibly what stupidity can do huh! However, reality is, the opportunity cost is high. Being a logical person, I gotta make a sensible decision at some point, and I kinda know where I’m heading, though I think there’s little chance I’m going back to work in April, October more likely. You don’t go on long break every 1, 2 or 3 years… so while you’re at it, keep going as long as you can. I think 12 months is reasonable, plus we have Euro 2016 coming and I gotta be there, despite the absence of the Dutch. Life wise, it’s now very clear to me people I cared the most and what’s the last piece of puzzle. I’m focused and determined and I think I’m gonna get on that 15 hours flight across the Pacific.

2016 is going to be a great year, saved for my bank accounts balances.



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